About Us

Panama Coffee Co.

The Gift

Panama Coffee Co. is an organization providing a unique gift to a client, supplier, friend, or to yourself.

Your gift provides jobs, not handouts, to the men and women who plant, care for, and harvest your coffee.

Your adopted tree will provide the coffee that will be received from that year’s yield.

Each tree provides stability and offers a sense of achievement and pride to the families that grow and care for your coffee tree or trees.


The Idea

The original idea for Panama Coffee Co. began when Jeff moved to Panama and developed a deep appreciation for the vibrant culture and the natural beauty of the place.

After many years serving on the boards of charities that provided free medical, free food, and other services to people in need, he realized there was no sustainable change in people’s way of life.

Free wasn’t helping. In fact, free goods and services only hindered the independence of the people it intended to help.

People in need needed work.

Together with the Campesino families, Panama Coffee Co. developed a program where farmers were trained in the planting, caring and harvesting of quality coffee in the rainforest home they are trying to preserve.

Once the quality coffee eco-industry was in full production, an isolated people with few commercial resources faced the hurdle of creating a sustainable model of consistent yield being transported to market, and sold at a fair price.

Thus began the tree adoption program and the growing market opportunities it’s creating at Panama Coffee Co.


Goals for Growth

Your one-of-a-kind gift to a corporate partner, friend, family member or to yourself becomes a unique life-sustaining market connection to the family working your adopted tree.

The fresh, natural, 5lb guarantee of coffee sales creates yearly security for the family producing coffee from your tree.

Your simple gift of one adopted tree will give farmers the insurance of knowing they have sufficient time and money to produce a healthy yield.

They can plant more trees, produce more coffee, and know they are able to sustain their farm for years to come.