What You Give

The families, the farms and the forest

Story of a Finca

The families that plant, care for, and harvest your tree(s) are known as Campesino’s, and their farms are called Fincas.

These families live outside of the large cities in Latin America, generally working the land and living off of agriculture.

Usually descendants of the indigenous tribes of their countries, their generations have married into mixed racial families and left the tribe lands.

The Campesinos are hard working people with no assistance from missions or charity groups. They don’t wear colorful costumes and don’t offer the photo opps that most charities gravitate towards for garnering donations.

The Campesino people do not want to put their hand out. They want a proud and honest life selling you a quality product while giving their families a better life.

Emilio’s Story

Although Panama Coffee Co.’s effort has just begun, it’s already affecting the lives of many families in our first small community.

We’re growing jobs with dignity for the members that work the farms and deliver coffee to your tables.

One farmer, Emilio, had experience growing coffee, but with the additional training and the market access to sales he has quadrupled the size of his family’s farm.

Emilio has become a leader in his community through hard work on his farm.

All this because Emilio can depend on reliable buyers for the coffee he cares for.

Emilio only attended school through the 8th grade. With the growth of Panama Coffee Co. there is hope for Emilio’s future children  to complete high school or more, and one day take over a successful farm that Panama Coffee Co. and Emilio have built, with your support.


The Rainforest

Panama Coffee Co. educates growers and consumers on the sustainable benefits of shade-grown coffee.

We grow all coffee in symbiosis with existing rain forests. New trees are planted with pre-existing ones, providing shade, wind break, and less water evaporation.

A healthy coffee economy offers the rain forest some protection against more invasive industries and agricultural practices of ‘slashing and burning’ and insecticide introduction. It thwarts deforestation and hard wood removal.

Your gift helps the people of Panama sustain an eco-friendly way of life in one of nature’s most vibrant and fertile gardens.